Exterior Doors

Increase your home's curb appeal and enhance its security with a new exterior door. Steel doors, storm doors, and patio doors enhance your home's security while offering great functionality. Replacing a garage door or patio door can save energy, improving the comfort in adjacent rooms while adding style to your home.

Our selection of steel and fibreglass doors come in many styles, all offering great looks and increased security. New moulding and trims complete the package, giving your space a whole new look.

Request a quote or contact us to begin your door shopping experience. We also offer a Supply & Install Service to get the job done.

The beautiful new door and the spectacular job that Targett’s did at installing it has completely transformed the look of our house both from the outside and from the inside. We are BEYOND thrilled!! They absolutely exceeded all of our expectations and we are so grateful.
Targett’s was a bit more expensive than most choices presented to us, but we felt the quality of service, materials and workmanship, and solid warranties you offer were worth much more than the small amount we would save by going with the best price. We are so pleased we chose you!
We are so pleased that we chose Targett’s for our project. The door was expensive, but the value added to the property exceeds the cost, without question.  Thank you so much for a job very well done.